Nikki’s Wives is a 3-piece Alt-Rock band hailing originally from London, Ontario, Canada, now residing between Toronto and Nashville.  

The band started with Nikki Whitehead (lead vocals, piano). Inspired by legendary women in music like Gwen Stefani, Joan Jett and Debbie Harry, Nikki is an artist with a deep soul, a young heart, and an insatiable passion for music and live performance.

Nikki was born with an otherworldly talent, which she began to develop at a very young age. Because of her natural talent and dedication to her craft, she was put into the public eye during her early teen years as a performer, where she began exploring her abilities as both a songwriter and vocalist.

Three years ago (at age 17), Nikki was joined by her “wives” and bandmates Dylan Lauzon (guitars, vocals) and Nate Baylor (drums, vocals). Both being formally trained musicians, admitted-eccentrics and Tech / Art nerds, Nikki’s “Wives” bring the perfect combination of songwriting craftsmanship, production savvy, deep-rooted eclectic musical aptitude, musicianship and presence to complete the trio’s magnetic personality.

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