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After living through years of excess and infatuation, it’s all too fitting that Nikki’s Wives should find inspiration for their debut EP in the form of a powerful obsession. Locking themselves away on a month-long creative binge, Nikki’s Wives has resurfaced with For E•V•E•R, the first six songs from the Toronto alt-pop group. “Lyrically, we really wanted to indulge,” Nikki admits, “We took some difficult emotions like jealousy and lust, and tried to gloss them up – make them feel seductive.” This isolation shaped a collection of songs that disguise their depth as instant gratification, but reveal a deeper meaning after the high wears off. Mixed by Matty Green (The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran), and produced by Alastair Sims (Walk Off The Earth, Rush, Three Days Grace), For E•V•E•R is a pop-inspired experiment featuring Nikki Whitehead’s smoky vocal style floating over vintage synths and faux brass.

Nikki’s Wives are no strangers to the recording process, starting her career as a solo artist, Nikki Whitehead has been in and out of studios since she was 12 years old. “The studio is sort of like a second home to me,” she reflects. The introduction of Dylan Lauzon and Nate Baylor to the group would be transformative, after struggling for years to find collaborators that shared her aesthetic vision. The three instantly fed off each other’s creative energies, and decided to redefine the project to reflect this radiant spirit.

Following several high-profile TV appearances on Fox News and NBC, performances at the two Leather & Lace Superbowl parties, and 5 showcases at SXSW, Nikki’s Wives are on the verge of a banner year. With their newest effort, the group is set to take fans to the limits of infatuation, only to reveal the bittersweet truth that lies beneath.